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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

There are several Search Engine Optimization companies on the world wide web, thousands really. The number of so called SEO experts is in the ten’s of thousands. The truth is, any company promising a number 1 ranking on any search engine (especially Google) is selling you a dream. There isn’t anyone, or any company that can guarantee placement in the number one spot on the front page of a search engine. No one truly knows how the search algorithms work for indexing websites, although each major search engine, whether it be Yahoo, Bing or big brother Google has a set of best practices and guidelines to be followed in order for you site to be ranked and indexed properly.seoservices

RT Design Group routinely scours the web for updates on search algorithm changes released by the search engines in order to keep our techniques up to date and keep our clients websites within the “best practices” guidelines. Google alone collectively made over 200 changes to their indexing process in 2009 alone. As you can see, staying current with the guidelines set forth by the search engines can and sometimes do, make or break a business. Our onsite/off site Search Engine Optimization technique is a strategic, comprehensive process that adheres to the core principles and guidelines that search engines look for when ranking websites.

The RT Design Group core SEO principles:

  • An approach to Search Engine Optimization that is ethical and follows best practices outlined by the search engines
  • A well developed website structure that is conducive to search engine indexing
  • A well researched and targeted link building campaign

These are the three basic principles that we have found to be highly effective in order to gain natural search results and made RT Design Group the B2B search engine optimization company preferred throughout Florida. Our extensive on-Page/off-Page Search Engine Optimization campaigns are developed to deliver your business a substantial return on investment with long lasting search results for years to come. RT Design Group has a proven search ranking track record of excellence for terms acquired for customers in their relevant industry.

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