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Creative Design

Creative Design

To properly achieve the right visual branding for your site, it is necessary to go through the proper steps in developing your site. Here it is in its most basic form:

Step 1: Organize
It is imperative for the developer and the client to get all information on the table and see what needs to be done to achieve the end goals of the site. A lot of clients think that since they are paying for a service, they can just sit back and wait for the final product. The client and the developer should work together in getting all details fine tuned so that the final product is effective and efficient in its design.

Step 2: Research
After all goals are determined and all information is properly organized and ready for the site. We take your information and start to establish your web presence and research what your industry is doing online and how we can build off it and reflect that to your brand.

Step 3: Develop
Once the research is all done and we have a good direction of where we will take the site. We begin developing final mockups of the sitemap. Once we get final approval of the designs and everyone is 100% satisfied, we begin programming the site. Each of these steps are taken with continuous communication and collaboration with the client. There are no surprises along the way.

Final Outcome:
Once everything is complete and has gone through quality control, we are ready to go live! The client is briefed on how to use all the features of the site, including the backend content manager. When a site goes live, we have other added options to further enhance your site. We provide search engine optimization, social media marketing, web video production, and much more! We make sure that we give our clients the complete package, if they want it, to help enhance their brand online.

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